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Seamus McAteer is an experienced entrepreneur and operator. with multiple successful exits Most recently he headed up commercial activity at Otter.ai, Inc. which is building technology to transform recorded voice conversations into usable data. As an independent board member and advisor he works with a number of leading edge companies in data analytics, mobile technology, and AI.

Seamus was co-founder and CEO at Datasnap.io an analytics platform that linked user physical world engagement to online behavior via micro-proximity technology. Datasnap.io was acquired by Neustar in Oct ’16 where Seamus was VP New Ventures. Metaresolver a mobile ad platform that Seamus founded and led as CEO was acquired by Millennial Media where Seamus was SVP of Analytics and Insight. MMetrics, a company Seamus co-founded and led as Chief Product Architect and board member, delivered currency data used by companies in the mobile sector and was acquired by Comscore.

As an independent board member he helped with the sale of Motally to Nokia, Zokem to Arbitron, and he was a member of the executive team at Majestic Research when it was acquired by ITG.

Seamus lives in Northern California and can be found cycling with his son or running in San Francisco or Napa.